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  • What iPhone models are compatible with Sessionz?
    Sessionz is designed to be compatible with a range of iPhone models. Specifically the minimum iOS version is 13.0. All iPhones that meets the iOS version requirements is compatible with Sessionz app. Please note that Sessionz is constantly updating its compatibility to include the latest iPhone m... Read more
  • Why Sessionz asks for certain information when creating an account:
    At Sessionz, we value transparency and user privacy. When creating an account, we may ask for specific information to enhance your experience and ensure a secure platform for all users. Here's why we ask for each piece of information: Name: We request your first and last name. Your first name is... Read more
  • I don't have an iPhone, can I still book on Sessionz?
    At the moment, the Sessionz app is only available on iPhone. If you'd like to get notified when the app for Android devices will be available. Here's what to do: Visit Click "Get The App" in the top right hand corner of your screen Select the "Android" option Enter your email addres... Read more
  • How much does it cost to get Sessionz?
    Sessionz is FREE to download and use. There are no membership fees for client accounts whatsoever. As a client user, you are only charged a small fee for placing a confirmed booking via the app in addition to the session fees that is defined by and payable to the Host. If the host declines the re... Read more
  • As a client, how do I switch to my host account?
    If you're logged into your "Client" account, switch to your "Host" account by: Navigating to the "me" area of the app Tapping "Switch to Host Account" Your view will change and you'll see your host view.  If you don't have a host account and want one, perform the following: Tap "Become a Host"... Read more
  • How do I contact customer service?
    To contact us, please email and describe what you need help with. Be sure to provide your name and contact information.  Please mark your email as urgent if it's associated to a confirmed booking in progress or whether your inquiry is urgent.   Our customer service team are a... Read more
  • How can I make the most of the Sessionz app's "Events" feature?
    Launching in the summer of 2023, the Sessionz app's "Events" feature is designed to empower both learners and hosts, create learning experiences like no other. Here's how you can make the most of this incredible feature: Discover your passion: With Sessionz, you can explore a wide range of lear... Read more
  • I was incorrectly charged!
    If you were incorrectly charged, please contact us at and let us know the details. We'll review your message and be happy to resolve the issue.    If you have any questions, ideas on how we make your experience better, or simply just to connect with us, contact us at support@... Read more
  • What methods of payment does Sessionz accept?
    We support several payment methods, which depend on what country your payment account is located in. We allow the following method of payment: Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Discover, JCB. On the checkout page, before you submit a session request, we'll show you which payment methods are available to yo... Read more
  • Where can I access my payment receipt for my confirmed session?
    All receipts are emailed to you. These emails are sent to your email account on file.    If you have any questions, ideas on how we make your experience better, or simply just to connect with us, contact us at We're happy to listen and help! Read more
  • Can I pay my host in cash?
    Sessionz is designed to be an entirely cashless experience. When a confirmed session commences, the payment method selected to pay for the session is immediately charged. A receipt is emailed to you, and your account's session history is updated with details about the session.A tip is not include... Read more
  • A host asked me to provide additional payments. What do I do?
    Hosts are required to provide the session services as agreed by the confirmed session booking details. Any arrangements made outside of the app are strictly between you and the host. If a host is seeking additional funds from you and you were not aware that additional fees are required to be paid... Read more
  • Can my host ask for a tip?
    Hosts may request tips at their discretion but you are definitely not obligated to do so. Please note that the session fee charged to you does not include a gratuity.     If you have any questions, ideas on how we make your experience better, or simply just to connect with us, contact us at suppo... Read more
  • Sessionz Verified Knowledge Influencer Eligibility Guidelines
    In the ever-evolving landscape of Sessionz, acknowledging and honoring influential contributors is paramount for cultivating a dynamic and engaged community. Similar to social media's blue verification badge, the "Verified Knowledge Influencer" badge on Sessionz signifies a user's profound knowle... Read more
  • Why Sessionz asks for certain info to create an account
    When you create a Sessionz Account, we ask for some personal information so that we can ensure that you're on boarded into the app smoothly. This info helps ensure users over the age of 18 are allowed through and so that we are able to build up a profile of your account. We keep your account secu... Read more
  • How do I change my listing's category or type?
    Once a host has defined their session's category and type of session during the new listing process, a host isn't able to change a listing's category or type afterwards. However, a host is able to modify all other details such as descriptions, pricing and more. The reason for this is so that exi... Read more
  • I'm the owner of a school/training establishment, can I use sessionz to onboard my employees who can be hosts?
    Definitely! Sessionz is available for hosts that are independent or who work for an employer. Please be sure to mention that the host is affiliated with the name of the school/training establishment someone in the description of the session so that clients are aware of this.    If you have any qu... Read more
  • I don't have an iPhone, can I still host on Sessionz?
    At the moment, the Sessionz app is only available on iPhone. However, we do have a concierge program available for select hosts. To apply to this program, please sent a message to to get started.    Read more
  • Is there a cancellation policy for client bookings?
    Yes! We wanted to make things fair for clients but also for you as the host. We know that last minute cancellation mean losing business.  Your client must cancel more than 48 hours before the confirmed start time of a session to get a full refund. You won't be making any earnings if they do so. ... Read more
  • How long do I have to approve a session?
    We try to give you plenty of time to review a session request submitted by a client. However, to respect a client's time and provide a positive experience, the app will automatically cancel a session request depending on when a request is sent by a client and the start time of the requested sessi... Read more
  • What is the maximum capacity for registrations that a host can allow for an event?
    At Sessionz, we understand that events come in various sizes and it's important to accommodate different audience capacities. As a host, you have the flexibility to set the maximum number of registration spots for your event. By default, the maximum capacity is set at 100,000 registrations. We re... Read more
  • What should I do in preparation for the session I'm hosting?
    Every session and it's host could be different. The overall session experience will be unique from one to another. On the other hand, there are a few suggestions that are fundamental and applicable to all sessions:  Before  Know what you'll be covering and review comments left by the client in t... Read more
  • What's the recommended approach for hosting a session?
    One of the awesome things about Sessionz is that it gives host the ability to create unique learning experiences. As a host, you're empowered to facilitate a session in the way you'd like as long as it's safe, legal, and appropriate for the type of session.  As a host, we recommend the following:... Read more
  • How do I change the location of a confirmed session. What do I do?
    Sessionz allows hosts to pre-define the location of a session as part of their listing's set up. The reason for this is to give clients the idea of the general location of where the session is going to take place. People often sort through sessions in the app that is nearest to them. After learni... Read more
  • What should I do if I'm running late to a confirmed session?
    We understand that unforeseen circumstances can sometimes cause delays, and it's important to communicate with your client if you know you will be arriving late to a confirmed session. Here are the steps to follow: Open the Sessionz app and navigate to your confirmed session. Within the session ... Read more
  • Why does Sessionz need my Social Insurance/Security Number for Payout SetUp?
    Stripe (, our credit card payment processor, helps us disburse funds to you. These funds are earnings you make on the Sessionz app. Any organization that sends funds to individuals, businesses, etc., is required to collect and verify information about people, known as “Know Your Cu... Read more
  • What happens if my earnings were not deposited into my account?
    If your earnings were not deposited into your bank account after 10 business days, please contact us at You can also submit a help message via the Sessionz app by: Log into your host account and navigate to the "me" area of the app Tap "Help" Input your message to us and ta... Read more
  • When do I get paid?
    Sessionz initiates the transfer of earnings 3 hours after the completion of a confirmed booking. We do this for assurance that the session went smoothly and provide enough time for a client to report any issues.  After initiating the transfer by us, your funds will reach your payout destination w... Read more
  • How do I change my banking information?
    To change your banking information, please follow the following steps:  Login to your host account and navigate to your "me" are of the app Tap "Payouts" Tap "EDIT" in the "Payout Destination" option.  For Canada Hosts: Enter your new Transit #, Institution #, Account# For U.S Hosts : Enter you... Read more
  • How do I set up my payouts?
    To set up your payout settings, please follow the following steps:  Login to your host account and navigate to your "me" are of the app Tap "Payouts" Tap "Begin Setup" You'll be navigated to the "Personal Information" form for you to complete. You'll need to provide your legal First/Last Name, ... Read more
  • How do I get paid?
    We transfer earnings to your payout destination (a bank account) that you have set up three hours after hosting a confirmed session. Haven't Setup Your Payouts? If you haven't set up your payout method and you'd like to set it up, please follow the following steps:  Login to your host account an... Read more